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We worry about the amount of gas in your tank, while you sit back and relax!
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Keep Full Program Experience peace of mind with our Keep Full Program

At Rocky Mountain Propane, our goal is for you to stay warm and comfortable, never worrying about the quantity of gas in your tank. Our Keep Full Program means we worry about the amount of gas in your tank, while you sit back and relax!

Our Keep Full Program allows qualified Customers the convenience of an automatic fill system. With our Keep Full Program, we will check your tank and fill it as needed. Our Keep Full Program allows you to maintain the integrity of your system 24 hours a day, 356 days per year.

The Keep Full program is free and is available to any credit approved Customer, whose account is kept current.

Additionally, we offer a tank monitoring service called Comfort Level, which enables us to keep an eye on the amount of propane in your tank from our office. With a monitor on your tank we can know exactly when to deliver propane ensuring your constant supply. Tank monitors add another layer of safety which allows us to investigate any unusual gas consumption the system detects which may indicate a leak or appliance problem.